SCS Bank Rewarding and Awarding Programs.

SCS Bank has put in place many ways to support the work we do a round the world to support your mission, humanitarian and community projects, better Environment, Human and Animal Health, Financial Health and Spiritual Health for a successful and better life for all, around the globe.


On SCS Bank we currently running seven Rewarding and awarding programs for all our members and customers, and adding more in future.

1. Raffle Tickets program.

2. Referral Rewards and Credits Program.

3. Scratch Cards program.

4. Gift of Faith Program.

5. E-Cards and E-Vouchers Program.

6 Gift Vouchers Program.

7. Cash for Stuff Program.


1. Raffle Tickets program.

In our Raffles we have added bonus of getting a chance of winning one of our great Raffle prizes. In the coming years our Raffles intend to raise over $10m to help humanitarian projects and other charities who are engaged in community projects saving lives. We will be giving away a lot prizes to all our wonderful Raffle regular participants. So, why not buy a ticket and give your support to SCS Bank and maybe get something in return.

Every time our tickets are all bought, raffle software on the Raffall computer randomly selects the winning Raffle ticket number – if one of those numbers is your ticket number – YOU WIN!.


2. Referral Rewards and Points Program.

On SCS Bank we have added slick rewards, credits and referral programs. We are now able to reward all our members or customers for spending money with us, this is a long-time goal of SCS Bank. SCS Bank is interested in growth and helping all our members or customers and the communities to grow. We are constantly finding new ways to leverage this newfound source of value.

  • Become a member or customer or an affiliate member; With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.

  • SCS Bank Points; Earn more Points for different actions, and turn those Points into awesome rewards!


SCS Bank Points Earned.

All our members and customers earn 3 SCS Bank Point for every £1 spent on our website.


How to earn Points

  • Creates SCS Bank Profile Account

  • Place and complete an order, Earn points on every order, 3 Points for every £1 spent

  • Celebrate a birthday Earn 200 points, enter your birthday, at least 30 days in advance in order to be rewarded.

  • Share on Facebook, Earn 50 points for completing action.

  • Share on Twitter, 50 points for completing action.

  • Follow on Instagram, 50 points for completing action.

  • Follow on Twitter, 50 points for completing action.

  • Like on Facebook, 50 points for completing action


Redeeming the points.

  • Customers earn £1.00 off entire order for every 100 points redeemed

  • Applies to all orders over £10.00

  • Or

  • 10% off entire order

  • Applies to all orders over £10.00


Discount code

  • An example discount code will look like this: SCSBANKc7ffab13

  • Discount codes sent to our participating members and customers will have prefix "SCSBANK"


How to participate in SCS Bank Rewards

To participate in this SCS Bank Rewards and referral program for giveaways click on the green reward button popup on the bottom left side of this website, on desktop, laptop, iPad and mobile .


3. Scratch Cards.

Play SCS Bank free scratch cards for a chance to win instant shop Voucher giveaway. Scratch off the panels to reveal the shop amount of the voucher beneath, just like the scratch cards you would buy from the shop. You can only play one scratch card at a time. You will be eligible to play another scratch card when you have used the voucher code that was revealed on the previous scratch card you played.

  • Voucher giveaways for black Friday cyber Monday, Christmas, thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Easter, and more...

  • Refer a friend-to-play-again.

  • We offer our customers also a chance to win fabulous prizes.

  • customers buy and fill in our Scratch Card form. They can then scratch away the scratch card image with their cursor or touch on mobile for their chance to win. Our Scratch cards are fun to play. 


Awesome Support!

We are only an email away or website live chat for any support or issues. If you don't hear back from us within 4 hours then either we have not received your email, or message or please check your spam or junk folder, and add us to your safe senders list.


4. Gift E-Cards Program

Give the Perfect Gift. Send a gift instantly in any amount you choose to your loved ones, friends, relatives, workmates and many more..


5. Vouchers.

Discover all superb Gift Vouchers, On SCS Bank, we offer gift vouchers, which you can purchase instantly and access immediately, print, email, or mobile vouchers, you may send directly from our website. These vouchers are only redeemed on SCS Bank marketplace online. and we do cool things with these vouchers, like promoting special offers. You can send by Email, Print, Postal and Traditional Printed Gift Cards or Vouchers.


6. Gifts of Faith.

A Gift of Faith is a special gift donation from you given through Bible4health Missions trading as SCS Bank to your loved ones, to a friend, to anyone, to the naked, the sick, the prisoners, hungry, the thirsty, a stranger the orphans, the widows and can you keep yourself from being polluted by the world. You can give a gift of faith as a donation of money, a will, goods, vehicles, property, machinery, business, and many more. 

You may also arrange a Gift of Faith as a personal act of charity. If you find someone in real need, "What can you give out to him/she as your gift of faith?" You do not have any, but you are compelled to give him/her something, you can request a gift of faith donation for that someone in need from Bible4health Missions, through Gift of Faith request order form on Bible4health missions or SCS Bank websites.


7. Cash for Stuff.

“Do you want to exchange your stuff/goods for cash!” – no problem, we’ll give you cash for your goods.”

Are you having a clear-out at home? And you notice you’ve got some pretty high value stuff lying around that you don’t need any more – and your thoughts are; “I really need to sell these stuff/goods” but you’re not sure the best way of doing it…


Well, simply head down to SCS Bank near you, or complete Cash for stuff form and will come to your home/office, and you can make instant cash on all your good valuable stuff/goods. Whether you’re looking to make a bit of money to put towards a holiday, have an unforeseen expense to cover, or just want to make a bit of space by clearing out your clutter, we offer a fast, friendly and reliable service.


Buy, sell and exchange goods the easy way with SCS Bank…

Selling stuff you no longer want, or exchanging goods for something you need, is the smart way to trade; it’s a great alternative to online auction sites, or Sunday markets, or Car boot, where you’ll have fees to pay on any sale you make.


Having a local and international goods bank where you can buy, sell and exchange goods is great news for everyone around the world.

Our goods bank online store is the easy and instant way to pick up a bargain, and can provide a cost-efficient alternative to buying other expensive bargains online, we usual deliver free within UK and 50 Kilometres from SCS Bank centres around the world, saving on postage costs, or buying brand new – which means a much higher price tag.

It doesn’t make sense to throw perfectly good items away when there’s a ‘cash for goods’ option – so leave the landfill for another day and make money the easy way with SCS Bank!


What stuff can I sell or Exchange with SCS Bank?

Any stuff or goods, except Military equipment, Police material and equipment, Guns, Knives, Pornographic material and equipment, Cigarettes, Electronic smoking material and equipment, alcohol or any equipment or material that encourages crime and band social behaviour.


Also we recycle and pay you CASH for YOUR clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, neckties, purses, socks, hats and many more; used ones, ($0.50 per kilo), New ones, (50% OFF the buying price showing on the Shop price tag), all we ask is that the clothes are clean and folded. We also purchase books ($0.15 per kilo), CD’s, DVD’s, Vinyl records and Cassettes ($0.8 per kilo).

Important Notice: Please keep books, CD’s, DVD’s separate from clothes in your storage for then to qualify to be bought by SCS bank.


However we are happy to collect for free damaged clothes or soiled clothes without you incurring any charges but we could not pay for these due to the cost of collection and processing.


Condition of the Stuff/goods.

New. or used or refurbished. Good Working order, not soiled or torn, no stains, well painted or no major scratches, for all expiable stuff, must have a minimum of one year shelf life. For vehicles, equipment and machinery; Good Working order and original receipts and documentations will be required.


Affiliate Program

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